A patio area is an excellent place to grill out, to relax with family, and to watch the stars. There are many options for installing or refinishing a concrete patio. Nowadays, concrete isn’t made with the traditional breezeblock finish they think of when they hear “concrete”. It is possible to design a patio that is decorative, enjoyable, and durable.

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There is so much sunshine to enjoy in Eugene. Well-designed patios offer the opportunity to soak up some vitamin D and enjoy some outdoor playtime – without the hassles of a crowded beach or traffic.

The best way to make your outdoor living area into a spacious and beautiful cement patio is to work with a contractor who will be open to hearing about your vision and provide ideas on how to maximize your square footage while still maintaining a beautiful look.

A patio should last for years, so make sure your contractor knows exactly what you want.

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The concrete contractor in Eugene OR wants to be the patio builder of your dreams. Concrete is an affordable and yet intriguing looking material that can be modified to look like other materials such as brick or river stones. Our slip-resistant finishes will keep your children and grandchildren safe while playing. Your patio will be entirely free of splinters, providing a beautiful aesthetic and a safe environment for outdoor play.

Using an overlay, you can fix cracks in your patio while providing a new finish to please your family and friends.

You can show off your sense of style with a stamped concrete finish or use acid stain for an earthy, marbled look.

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A patio well finished will make your home more valuable or will provide a place where you can escape the stresses of everyday life.

You can use your patio to watch birds or simply smell the blooms of your roses as part of your existing green space.

The concrete building material requires little maintenance. Investing in your home allows you to build its future. As an attractive, durable alternative to pavers or wood patios, concrete won’t rot or sprout weeds. Your patio will be built with a hassle-free material.

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