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Concrete Contractor Eugene OR is your local concrete company in Eugene OR offering stylish, durable, affordable, and reliable concrete solutions for your home and business. Please call us for a free concrete estimate today!

Why Concrete Contractor Eugene OR

Comparison of competitive quotes – To ensure that there are no financial surprises along the way, we make sure we understand the full scope of your concrete project. We are a reliable and affordable concrete partner in Eugene, OR

The peace of mind – As concrete experts, we stand behind our work and strive to serve our customers with excellence in everything we do. In order to build a lasting relationship with our clients, we make sure you are happy with our work.

Businesses in your area – We are located in Eugene, OR, so you may even see your contractor at the grocery store! We are passionate about our community and take great pride in enhancing the homes and businesses in the Eugene area with top-of-the-line concrete solutions and professional detail.

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Residential Services

A new walkway, a resurfaced patio, or an addition to your home is what you may be planning? A new stamped concrete pattern could increase the value of your home and make your driveway more appealing. There is a possibility that your foundation has settled and you want a skillful tradesman to check it out. Concrete Contractor Eugene OR uses the best equipment and top professional know-how on every residential project. Get a free estimate for the concrete project of your dreams.



New concrete patios in Eugene, OR can be a great way to enjoy the sunshine. Our team members have an eye for professional design as leading patio contractors. Our team can create an outdoor living space that is suitable for your needs.



Concrete is a superb paving solution for driveways in Eugene, OR. The driveway is the gateway to your home—your driveway is the first thing visitors see when they come to your home—make a statement with a beautiful new concrete driveway or driveway repair from the best driveway contractor in the area.

Sidewalks And Walkways

Sidewalks And Walkways

Make your home or property more attractive with refinished, slip-resistant stamped concrete walkways. They look great and add functionality to your property. We can install new concrete sidewalks and repair existing ones.

Pool Decks

Pool Decks

Concrete Contractor Eugene OR can install the pool deck of your dreams whether you’re installing a new pool or updating an existing one. Our pool decks are highly slip-resistant and can be customized to match the surrounding environment.

Sidewalks And Walkways

Additions To The Home

Do you plan to add an addition to your home soon? If so, you should contact us first! You can count on us for the exceptional concrete home additions you desire in the Eugene OR area since we are concrete experts.

Commercial Services

Whether it’s a large or small project, Concrete Contractor Eugene OR understands the importance of your business and the high standards you set for your business and colleagues. When it comes to parking lots, storage facilities, or building additions, you want trusted professionals on your team. With our years of experience as commercial concrete contractors, it is our honor to serve your needs. Employees at our retail service center will enhance the appearance of your retail space so your customers have a great experience.

Concrete Parking Lots

Concrete Parking Lots

If you have a high-quality concrete parking lot, you can impress your customers even before they enter your building. The parking lots we install look great and will last for decades.

Resurfacing And Repair

Resurfacing And Repair

It is highly recommended that you repair concrete or resurface existing concrete instead of demolishing and removing it. We will evaluate your existing concrete and discuss your repair and resurfacing options. Our experts always consider your budget as well as quality when evaluating price points. We’ll get your project looking like new in no time!

Concrete ADA Ramps

Concrete ADA Ramps

The Americans with Disabilities Act must be considered when planning concrete services for your commercial facility. Concrete Contract Eugene OR can design and install a concrete ramp that meets these specifications.

The Benefits Of Using A Local Contractor

You have worked extremely hard to achieve and maintain your Eugene home or business. You invest time and money into making your commercial or residential property a welcoming place for guests and clients. That’s why you should hire the best concrete contractors in Eugene to work on your project. Our concrete contractor Eugene OR will surpass your expectations with our commitment to quality work, beautiful results, and customer service. Additionally, hiring a local contractor is a good idea for the following practical reasons:

A Reliable Reputation
A large company’s reputation may be difficult to determine. Because many of their clients are far away, it may be hard to find someone to talk to about them. Concrete Contracort Eugene OR is located right here in Eugene. Our local work means you can hear about our success from your friends and neighbors. If you’re curious what we can do, look around – you’ve probably seen our work somewhere already!

Ease Of Communication
Have you ever been stuck waiting on the customer service hotline? If that is the case, you will know what an irritation it is to contact companies in another country. Contractors from large companies are well aware of this. Communication becomes even more important as these companies enhance your office or home.

Strengthening The Area’s Economy
Considering that large concrete companies can be based anywhere, it’s hard to tell where your money goes when you hire them. In any case, it almost certainly won’t stay in Eugene OR. If you engage Concrete Contractor Eugene OR, that won’t be the case. Our concrete contracting services are provided by a local company owned and operated by local people. Your money will support the local economy in that way.

Valuable Local Knowledge
While concrete is a durable building material, it is susceptible to the elements. Because of that, you’ll want to find a concrete company that understands your surroundings as well as you do. It is nearly impossible for a large concrete contractor to fit this description. The same cannot be said for local companies such as Concrete Contractor Eugene OR . Since our company’s inception, it has been based in Eugene, OR.


After contacting many different concrete companies for a quote, it was clear They were the most professional of them all. They helped us visualize what we wanted and walked us through the entire process. The project turned out great and we would recommend Concrete Contractor Eugene OR to anyone looking for concrete solutions.

– Jason

They did great work. They made sure everything was done as expected. We had one misunderstanding that was dealt with professionally and promptly. Would recommend their services to anyone.

– Paul

We had a great experience with Concrete Contractor Eugene OR. We had a very large residential driveway job, almost 6,000 sq. ft. I did a significant amount of research and received multiple bids. I felt most comfortable with Concrete Contractor Eugene OR and believed their team was the most qualified and one of the very best. I was not disappointed.

– Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions

When Choosing A Concrete Contractor, What Characteristics To Look For?

Concrete contractors need to be customer service-minded, staffed by skilled professionals, and able to provide clear communication. We will ensure that your installation process is as stress-free as possible thanks to our top-notch concrete experts. Our projects are managed by project managers with years of experience.

Is Your Company Able To Install Cement?

In technical terms, no – but that’s just because cement and concrete are two different things. Cement, water, and aggregates such as sand or gravel are among the ingredients in concrete.

What Is Concrete Curing?

The process of curing concrete is the final step of the installation process. Now that the concrete has been poured, it must harden. Curing does not involve evaporation of water, unlike drying.

Your Concrete Is What Color?

In the past, concrete was only available in gray – but nowadays, you can have it in any color you like! Concrete Contractor Eugene ORgu is able to install concrete in all kinds of colors and finishes – just ask about our concrete staining services.

Concrete Installation Can Be Affected By The Weather?

Concrete may have difficulty curing when it is too cold or too hot. While we don’t usually experience the former extreme of temperature here in Oregon, you almost certainly are familiar with the latter. Our team knows when weather conditions can pose a problem, so we plan accordingly.

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Many homes and commercial spaces use concrete to produce a unique and exciting look while maintaining an attractive finish that is solid and reliable. But not all concrete contractors are equally qualified to install and repair concrete. For concrete services you can trust, choose Concrete Contractor Eugene OR. If you choose Concrete Contract Eugene OR, you’ll know exactly where our office is and who works there. We will do everything we can to install concrete that meets your needs. Even in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we will put our best effort into making it right. 


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